Krasnogorsky Zavod

Research and development

KMZ "ZENIT" has been developing leading science-driven optical and optical-electric appliances for various application spheres for 70 years, mostly due to Science-technical center, which was created at the enterprise more than 65 years ago.

At the present moment, science-technical department of KMZ "ZENIT" allows to accomplish tasks of development and manufacturing of the following optical systems: photographic objectives, including aspheric apochromats; aerial camera lenses; television lenses and vari-focal lenses; optical-electronic appliances for Earth remote probing; telescopic systems, including infrared range; mirror and mirror-prismatic optical systems, including neosymmetrical, with unspecified location in space with moving elements; optical systems for transferring and transformation of laser beams; video camera objectives; oculars and finder systems; objectives and oculars for night vision spotter scopes, which work with electric-optical appliances; day vision and night vision scope sights for sports and hunting weapons; various non-standard and unique stands and appliances to control optical systems parameters.