Krasnogorsky Zavod

Education and youth outreach

For many years one of the main priorities of development of KMZ "ZENIT" is performing effective youth policy aimed at creation of favorable conditions and possibilities for successful self-realization of youth at the enterprise. Today, the key components of youth policy at KMZ "ZENIT" are:

- Tutoring, when each young specialist has a tutor from among the most experienced and highly qualified workers for a period from 6 months to 18 months;

- Providing opportunity for obtaining post-graduate and additional professional education at the cost of the employer;

- Formation of personnel reserve from young workers, due to which many young specialists have already become heads of various structural departments;

- Solution of social problems of youth. In particular, KMZ "ZENIT" provides young specialists from other cities with apartments. At the present moment a mortgage program for youth is being developed, which will allow buying apartments at preferable terms;

- Additional privileges for young specialists (quarterly bonuses, bonuses based on efficiency committee results, bonuses based on work during year for three years, right for additional vacation for marriage with salary preserved, material aid for family creation, providing with separate accommodation for young families, as well provision with vouchers to recreational camps for each child).

Special attention is paid to education and cooperation with educational establishments. During many years of enterprise history, ties have developed with leading technical higher educational establishments, as well as personal programs for advanced training.

KMZ "ZENIT" actively realizes program of employer-sponsored education, which implies sending school graduates to specialized institutions of higher and secondary vocational education. This program is realized as part of state plan for preparation of science specialists for organizations of defense-industrial complex for 2010 - 2015.

The enterprise has established ties with Bauman MSTU. Since 1971, faculty of Optical-electronic device manufacturing prepares engineers and technicians for JSC "Krasnogorsky Zavod". During its 40 years of work, the faculty has prepared more than 1.5 thousand highly qualified specialists. At the present moment, the faculty is a member of Science-education complex "Radioelectronics, laser, and medical equipment" in Bauman MSTU. The faculty prepares specialist on two department: RL-2 (Laser and optical-electronic systems) and RL-3 (Optical-electronic devices for scientific researches) on specialization Electronic and optical-electronic devices of special purpose.

In 2014 KMZ "ZENIT" and Krasnogorsk state college have started united work for the creation of base center for training workers, where students will study corresponding educational programs for qualified workers and specialists in spheres of machinery engineering, metal processing, optical devices engineering on the basis of elements of dual training of specialists with secondary vocational training followed by their employment at the enterprise.