Krasnogorsky Zavod


KMZ "ZENIT" possesses powerful scientific-technical potential due to personal scientific and technical center and production departments. The enterprise comprises foundry, mechanic, mechanic-stamping, optic, assembling productions, which produce plastic parts and coating.

Machining department of KMZ "ZENIT" is equipped with machinery of wide range, which allows producing: high precision parts (with size precision to 0.002 mm) made of construction materials (steel, aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, titanium); rotting body parts from 2 mm to 1,000 mm; large size body parts to 2,000 mm and size precision of interfacing surfaces to 0.01 mKm; control of parts of complex forms with precision to 2 mKm.

Mechanic-stamping production is equipped with high precision and high productivity equipment, which allows manufacturing parts of sheet material of wide range of width and various configuration (from the simplest plain nuts, various angles to complex parts of spatial type.

Coating production is equipped with necessary technological equipment for applying paint and varnish and electric chemical non-organic coatings, tampon printing, engraving and production of printed boards.

Optical production allows calculating all types of optical systems with the use of aspheric, diffraction, holographic, gradient elements, high precision optical covers, as well as elements made of polymer materials and crystals. In the production process of optical elements and optical systems, the latest developments, high precision technical and metrologic equipment are used.

Foundry production includes department for foundry based on consumable patterns, foundry in sand forms, foundry under pressure, welding section, thermal treatment section, plastics and rubber technical products manufacturing section. Use of modern technological process with application of 3D-modelling allows quickly producing high quality casts and parts of different complexity and configuration both for machine construction and for artistic casting, reducing at the same time production cost. Analysis of chemical content (spectral), mechanic properties control on separate cast samples, X-ray control, and metallographic control are applied to control casts.

Assembling production of KMZ "ZENIT" performs work in assembling, alignment, electric arrangement and adjustment of optical and optical-electric tools. Production capacity of the enterprise allow to perform assembling and electric mounting work in individual and serial samples of manufactured products with further necessary tests, for which specialized and standard optical benches, stands for mechanic tests, thermal chambers, climatic test chambers, rain and moisture test chambers are used. All technical equipment and most of the control-alignment and control-adjustment stands are produced at KMZ "ZENIT".

Plastic parts production

KMZ "ZENIT" also manufactures precise, geometrically complex, big size body and other details with increased technical requirements to visual appearance, various details from rubber technical compounds (tape-feed rolls, corrugated hoses, packings, eye guards, etc). Modern polymers are used in the production process: ABS plastic, polycarbonates, phenolic plastic, fiberglass, rubber mixes.

Ecological safety

KMZ "ZENIT" pays much attention to the questions of environmental protection. Systemic works are conducted at the plant to minimize harmful impact on the environment that occurs during production process, as well as to implement progressive technological processes with minimal harmful factors for the environment and humans.

Besides, KMZ "ZENIT" realizes programs to reconstruct and technically reequip the plant. In order to further minimize harmful effects it is planned in the near future to implement new equipment for partial recycling of production and consumption wastes.