Krasnogorsky Zavod

Social sphere

The most important and traditional direction of activities of enterprise administration and trade union organization of KMZ "ZENIT" is development and implementation of various social programs aimed at improvement of quality of life, rest, recreation, health of all categories of employees.

Enterprise provides employees with a number of social protection and benefits, which include: support of young workers by giving the title "Young specialist" for three years and additional monthly and quarterly financial stimulation; support of young workers, who get training in rare professions on studying basis by means of paying monthly stipend and one-time payment once the 3d qualification category is obtained, as well as additional stipend after studying is accomplished; payment of stipend to students who have signed agreements about target contract training with compulsory work at the plant at least for 3 years after graduation depending on grades; material stimulation of workers, who are called to arms, as well as for those who return to the enterprise after retirement, 3,000 rubles per each month in the army; material aid to employees, who retire depending on the unbroken length of service at the plant; additional occupational pension; monthly personal bonuses for workers who have honorary titles, academic degrees awarded with high state rewards; awarding corporate honorary title "Honored worker of KMZ "ZENIT"", "Honorary KMZ "ZENIT" worker" with corresponding additional social benefits and bonuses; providing material aid for workers, who have children born, as well as for treatment, ceremonial services, force majeure events, providing zero-interest loans; realization of the program for provision of housing, which involves construction of residential houses for workers on conditions of participation interest, as well as providing workers with accommodation in dwelling stock of the enterprise; organization of meals for workers in canteens and lunchrooms of KMZ "ZENIT" with high dotation for food, providing veterans of the enterprise with food packages; providing workers of the plant and members of their families with vouchers to health and recreation resorts.

Medical-sanitary administration works at the enterprise and includes medical-sanitary unit, 4 health posts and physiotherapy department, where workers can receive consultation and treatment from highly-qualified doctors, as well as pass annual occupational health examination.

KMZ "ZENIT" employees take active part in sports competitions on the base of the sport club "Zenit" created at the plant. Sports and health events are also organized (shaping, tennis, volleyball, remedial gymnastics).

KMZ "ZENIT" is interested in increasing qualification of its employees, that is why the workers are provided with wide range of opportunities to obtain additional education: skill improvement by means of additional vocational education in specialized educational establishments paid for by the employer with provision of documents of established standard (certificates, licenses, diplomas); providing an opportunity of receiving second higher (secondary) vocational education paid for by the employer in professions, which are most required in KMZ "ZENIT" departments; target training of workers in post-graduate educational institutions, which participate in state plan for training of specialists and scientific personnel; complete following federal legislature in benefits and compensations, provided to the workers receiving secondary and higher vocational education on the job; target sending of school graduates to higher educational establishments, which participate in state plan for training of specialists and scientific personnel, with contracts about target training signed.

As a part of working conditions improvement plan, KMZ "ZENIT" conducts a complex program on technical re-equipment and reconstruction of production departments; new working places are created corresponding to world standards.