Krasnogorsky Zavod


KMZ "ZENIT" is a multi-industry enterprise with structural departments, which perform work and provide services in the following areas: construction, rent of space, car service, printing service, design, hotel "Zenit".

Foundry production. The enterprise produces casts applying different methods of foundry, welding, thermal treatment, molding of plastics and rubber technical goods.

KMZ "ZENIT" takes orders for impulse/standard semi-automatic welding MIG/MAC, welding with covered electrode (MMA), welding with nonconsumable electrode TIG DC, as well as spot welding of aluminum, stainless steel, heavily alloyed materials. The enterprise also provides thermal treatment of details made of various materials.

The list of services provided by JSC KMP also includes precise, geometrically complex, big size and other details with high technical requirements to visual appearance, various details from rubber technical compounds (tape-feed rolls, corrugated hoses, packings, eye guards, etc).

Optical elements manufacturing. KMZ "ZENIT" has implemented technological equipment for manufacturing sensitive spherical, aspheric, cylindrical, plane, and prismatic optical elements. Due to this, the enterprise accepts orders for manufacturing of optical elements made of glass and various types of crystals, including orders for development of design documentation for technical orders from the customer.

Machining production is equipped with modern technical equipment that allows producing high precision details (with size precision to 0.002 mm) of main construction materials (steel, aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, titanium); details for rotating bodies with size from 2 mm to 1,000 mm; large size body details up to 2,000 mm, and size precision of interfacing surfaces to 0.01 mm. At the same time, control of detail size of complex forms is performed with precision to 2 mKm.

Besides production services, the enterprise also possesses resources for providing services, not directly related to main scope of activity, which include: leasing office and warehouse rooms, production areas and ground lots in the territory of the enterprise, repair and maintenance services for cars of national production (KAMAZ, MAZ, ZIL, GAZ); printing services, including: preprinting preparation, offset printing, digital printing, high printing, high-quality bindery work; services in preparation of corrugated board packaging, polyethylene packaging, tailoring of soft cases, production of details of nonmetal materials, production of wooden packing materials; creation of industrial design, style, creative design of souvenir products and packing, as well as decorating of exhibition and advertising stands.

Medical-sanitary unit is located in the territory of the enterprise, which possesses modern material-technical equipment, medical rooms, and equipped with high-tech equipment of the leading global producers. MSU of KMZ "ZENIT" performs its activity in the system of compulsory medical insurance (CMI). Personnel of medical-sanitary unit consist of professionals, who constantly improve their knowledge and skills. All doctors have specialist certificates and qualification categories.

Besides, there exists hotel "Zenit", located 5 km away from MRHW in Krasnogorsk, providing full scope of services for visitors.