Advantages of working at Shvabe

The development of employees' potential is the basis of the Holding's HR policy

Dear friends, we are grateful for your interest in Shvabe Holding!

We work and grow together. These are more than just words for Shvabe. Following our philosophy, everyone works to contribute to the common business, which consists of a multitude but is perceived as a whole.

We invite talented specialists to work on a friendly team of like-minded people. The focus of our HR policy is to realize the potential of every employee.

We create conditions to develop the professional and creative abilities of the Holding's employees.

Shvabe guarantees:

- high workplace quality standards

- respectable salary

- social support

- participation in modern promising projects and an effective motivation system

- possibility to continue education

- interesting propositions to organize employees and their children's leisure

Working at Shvabe implies working under the world's latest management standards. The thorough implementation of modern information technologies enables employees to achieve self-actualization and realize their creative potential.

Shvabe uses an e-document flow system. The objective of this system is business optimization from correspondence among plants to legal and financial document processing for online decision making.

We constantly strive to improve conditions for our employees so they in turn can invest their knowledge and energy in their work. The doors of our 64 organizations are open for you!

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