14 march 2017 News

Rostec's scientists to transmit Sun energy to Earth


Rostec's scientists will create a system to transmit the Sun's energy to the Earth from satellites on its orbit.

By now, the research work is finished. Rostec's scientists have developed an experimental stand with a solar-pumping oxygen-iodine laser. A draft technical assignment for this invention has been fully prepared. 

"It is planned that the final stage of developing laser systems for transforming solar energy will be accomplished after 2020," Sergei Popov, First Deputy CEO of Shvabe Holding Company, said.

These systems will be installed on orbital satellites. The use of the oxygen-iodine laser will help transform stellar energy into laser irradiation. The technology is an innovative method of generating electricity using of a laser-optical adaptive system of forming an angular divergence of up to 10-7 rad.