20 september 2016 News

Shvabe Incubator Saves the Life of a Cougar Kitten in the Yekaterinburg Zoo


An infant intensive therapy incubator produced by the Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant (part of Shvabe Holding) was used to save the Canadian cougar kitten's life in the Yekaterinburg Zoo.

The animal was born premature at a weight of 700 g, its condition was classified as unstable. But after 1.5 months of constant care and intensive therapy in the Shvabe incubator, the animal's weight increased to 1.9 kg and now, its life is no longer in danger.

"We are pleased that our neonatal equipment designed for the developmental care of human children found such an unexpected use and is currently being used to help the young animal recover and get stronger. In this case we adapted one of the incubator models, which was produced by UOMP for the zoo's specific needs. In particular, to increase the space, the unit's module was modified and a part of the housing interior's materials was replaced with more resistant material in anticipation of housing the young predator," Anatoliy Sludnykh, UOMP CEO, said.

At the zoo management's request, the Shvabe incubator was donated to the veterinary hospital for permanent use. The apparatus is planned to be used for the care of other young animals that are born premature.

It is well known that Shvabe Holding equipment makes up about 50 % of the Russian neonatal market. Throughout the country, more than 700 healthcare facilities are equipped with over 20,000 units.