State Institute of Applied Optics


For more than 60 years, JSC “NPO GIPO” has been the basic enterprise of Russia for target background research, study of the characteristics of atmospheric transparency and man-made structures.

JSC “NPO GIPO” is actively working in the direction of civil products and products for special purposes. The list of manufactured products includes all kinds of optical coatings for optoelectronic channels operating in the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared spectrum regions, anti-reflective coatings for cooled photodetectors operating in the infrared spectrum region, aspheric optical elements, diffractive optics, lens and mirror elements, lenses operating in the infrared spectrum region, optical systems of spectral devices, bench instruments to control IR systems, and other devices.

JSC “NPO GIPO” has designed and developed more than 200 basic optical technologies used to create high-resolution infrared lenses, optical elements with high reflectance and transmittance.

Technologies for the manufacture of interference filters, anti-reflective coatings for IR spectrum region developed by JSC “NPO GIPO” are implemented and used by all optical enterprises of Russia and CIS countries in the creation of devices of different purpose.