State Institute of Applied Optics

About the company

JSC “Scientific and Production Association “State Institute of Applied Optics” (JSC “NPO GIPO”) is a research and production center of federal significance, carrying out comprehensive study of fundamental, searching and applied character, development and production of advanced optoelectronic systems.

The main activities of the company include thermal imaging devices, optoelectronic channels for different purposes, the study of the optical characteristics of objects and backgrounds, metrological support of infrared equipment, optical coatings, diffractive optics, aspheric optics, infrared lenses.

JSC “NPO GIPO” possesses modern research, manufacturing and testing facilities, as well as an appropriate metrological basis and qualified personnel.

Scientists and engineers of the company registered more than 2,200 inventions and utility models, published more than 4,500 scientific articles and 50 monographs.

Technological capabilities and production capacity of the enterprise allow for a full cycle of research, development, manufacture of prototypes, and small series release of the newest types of optoelectronic devices for various purposes.

Currently, the metrology unit of the company is accredited by the Principal Interagency metrological service organization on infra-red equipment, devices and night-vision tools to perform certification of test equipment.

In recent years, JSC “NPO GIPO” implemented a number of programs of technical re-equipment based on the latest achievements of global engineering and instrumentation.

Currently performed projects of technical re-equipment of the scientific and experimental base of the company are aimed at providing scientific, engineering, and technological units with the latest high-efficiency equipment (measuring, research, analytic, metrological, etc.) and cover all relevant scientific and technical areas of optoelectronic instrumentation of the institute.

JSC “NPO GIPO” maintains close scientific and technical contacts with more than 200 enterprises, research institutes, higher educational establishments and military units. It holds a membership in the International Laser Association, the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), the Optical Society named after D.S. Rozhdestvensky, the Russian Optical Society.