State Institute of Applied Optics


Pilot unit of JSC “NPO GIPO” includes machining, optical and radio assembly shops, special design department, Chief Technologist Department, Chief Mechanic Department, department of material and technical support, production and dispatch department, and test technical complex.

Experimental manufacturing produce experimental samples and prototypes of complex optoelectronic devices, technological plants, and benches to perform basic, search, and applied scientific research, as well as industrial batches of the products developed by the company.

Technological and production capabilities of the company make it possible to carry out a full cycle of development and release of the newest types of military and civilian optoelectronic devices.

The technological cycle for the production of the final products also involves a number of scientific & technological and scientific departments, such as the department of optic coatings, of aspheric and diffractive optics, and others.

High-tech products developed, designed, and introduced to the production by JSC “NPO GIPO” meet the world’s quality level and are in demand on the global market.

Pilot unit has in full mastered technologies of machining, manufacturing of optical components, assembly and testing of optoelectronic devices, which are traditional for optoelectronic instrumentation. 

Machining production operates more than 160 units of process equipment, including machines with CNC and machining centers.

Classic processing technologies cover the entire spectrum of optical materials used: glass of different varieties, mono- and polycrystals, metal optics. Production sites of the optical shop provide a full cycle from pre-production to control of the finished parts.

The assembly shop is staffed by highly qualified personnel, has all the necessary equipment, control and measuring tools for the assembly and adjustment of mirror, mirror-lens, and lens optical systems of any complexity from UV to IR spectrum, assembly and complex setting of scanning optoelectronic devices of the front and circular view, control and test equipment, and non-standardized measuring tools.

Radio assembly site provides all kinds of three-dimensional and surface mount, control, and tuning of electronic components of the manufactured products.

Test technical complex provides tests of the whole nomenclature of the manufactured products according to the specified types of exposure in full.

In recent years, a number of programs of technical re-equipment of the manufacture were implemented. Concurrently the company performs re-equipment of the key elements of the technological process at its own expense.

A new scientific and technological base being created will give the company a technological leap and the necessary technological advance in the direction of a number of key technologies.

Together with the most important applied research, development, design, and engineering works, the activities planned for the coming years will ensure the creation of modern optoelectronic systems for the domestic armament and military equipment being developed.