State Institute of Applied Optics

Social sphere

JSC “NPO GIPO” has developed and implements programs of various additional social benefits and payments for employees.

Leading specialists of JSC “NPO GIPO” are supported within the framework of the republican program of mortgage lending to housing.

In order to improve the level of social security, the program for additional non-public pension provision operates in the company since 2003.

In order to support young professionals, JSC “NPO GIPO” includes the effective Council of young scientists and specialists. Also, the Regulations on Financial Incentive of Young Professionals are in force. The enterprise has an active trade union organization, uniting more than 72 percent of employees, and strong cooperation with federal and republican public organizations.

JSC “NPO GIPO” has its own recreation facility operating in summer, where over 500 employees and their families annually spend their holiday.

Young specialists of the company regularly participate in sports and intellectual activities at the city, republican, and federal levels.

Works on environmental monitoring are actively implemented based on the approved schedules to monitoring the environment, working conditions, check the state of ventilation systems, environmental equipment.

In order to improve the environmental performance, the company implements the Environmental Management Plan, and certification of the environmental protection laboratory took place.

The current environmental management system of the society complies with the established requirements and provides the required environmental safety in the development, manufacture, and repair of products of JSC “NPO GIPO”.