Krasnogorsky Zavod

About the company

JSC "Krasnogorsky Zavod" (KMZ "ZENIT") is one of the leading enterprises in Russia in sphere of optical and optical-electronic instrument engineering, which has unique long-term experience and which has provided development, tests, and serial production of devices and systems for various spheres of application for many decades.

During its existence the enterprise has solved a number of tasks of state importance; devices were manufactured, which have no analogues not only in country, but in the world as well. Aerophotocamera, constructed at the plant, was used to take the first picture of the back side of the Moon; first high-precision astronomic devices for photographing artificial satellites and planets were produced. During many years the enterprise was one of the biggest developers and manufacturers of amateur photo cameras. Many of developments of the enterprise were awarded state awards and prizes, received deserved acknowledgment in scientific community.

Today Krasnogorsky Zavod's key focus areas are the development and creation of: optical-electronic control devices for space programs; systems for monitoring Earth surface from space carriers; optical-electronic devices for armored vehicles, optical-electronic devices for small arms, training equipment; optical-electronic devices for aviation; photo equipment (camera manufacturing, photo and video objectives); medical equipment for: gynecology, ophthalmology, endoprosthesis; general purpose devices, civil products of various use.

Besides, KMZ "ZENIT" provides after sale warranty service and control of the state of manufactured products.

High quality level of manufactured products is supported by certificates of quality compliance with GOST ISO 9001 standards: 2011 (IQnet), GOST RV 0015-002-2012, GOST ISO 9001: 2011, as well as numerous awards.

Today the enterprise performs technical rearmament and modernization of production, buys new technological equipment to optimize working processes, and improve quality of manufactured products, as well as applies new technologies and develops perspective products for scientific researches, industry, construction industry, health care, photo camera manufacturing, recreation, and tourism.

On the basis of KMZ "ZENIT", one of the leading scientific groups works, which was formed of the graduates from the leading technical higher educational establishments of the Russian Federation. Military, who are in service in scientific group, take part in scientific, research and development activities.